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Serving the market for over 25 years

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Serving the market for over 25 years!


Serving the market for over 25 years!


Serving the market for over 25 years!

World Class...World Presence

Serving the Market for over 25 years!




This model adopts the international advanced hydraulic system, in which the choice and the design optimization of the hydraulic units and system ensure that the complete unit embodies high reliability, high efficency, and low energy consumption.

Cummins QSB6.7 is rated for 172hp, and is Tier III certified. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger to ensure the operator has the necessary power while still preserving fuel economy. This system is optimized toachieve perfect matching among the power peformance, thermal equilibrum, and noise control.

TOPS and ROPS certified operator cab which has excellent visibility and comes standard with features like AC , Heat , radio with usb input and an adjustable seat . Creating a comfortable work environment for the operator.



CV122PD: Developed on the basis of CV120, the CV122PD is a single-drum hydrostatic vibratory road roller with the largest export

volume in China. It is a mid-sized hydrostatic vibratory road roller with improved performance and a more stylish appearance.

As one of XCMG’s representative hydrostatic vibratory road rollers, it leads domestically manufactured road rollers in terms of

compaction and driving performance, operability, reliability, and serviceability.



The RT70U, an off-road wheeled crane jointly developed by XCMG and a well-established German R&D institution, combines the flexibility of wheeled cranes and the great lifting and travel performance of crawler cranes. It is equipped with a two-axle off-road undercarriage and features 2 drive modes and 4 steering modes. This highly innovative product has adopted several cutting-edge technologies and has passed high-end market certifications such as the CE certification of Europe and the cTUVus certification of North America.



The TC90U is a 90 ton hydraulic truck crane newly developed for the North American market. It features a compact structure, good travel performance, great lifting capacity, and a wide scope of operations. The power platform is based on the US-made Cummins engine, which complies with the EPA13 emission standards. The torque limiter system satisfies the world's most stringent EN13000 torque limiter control requirements, ensuring its reliable safety performance.



The WL40G wheel loader, a reliable, efficient, comfortable, and energy-saving product developed by XCMG, leads the construction machinery industry in terms of operating comfort, working performance, and versatility. The interchangeability of its dimensions, performances, and work tools makes it an ideal choice for multiple jobs. The tool frame, professionally designed and optimized, provides greater operating strength and reliability. The cab is spacious and equipped with a handy lever and control unit, ensuring your operating comfort. The flip-up engine hood with a big side door makes maintenance easy.



The CW80U crawler crane is developed with the North American market in mind on the basis of our company's many years of crawler crane manufacturing experience. The product has passed the North American certification. It provides superior lifting performance and optimum safety, and it features loaded travel, 360° full swing operations, and retractable crawlers. The boom length is 42’8”-190’3” and the fixed jib length is 29’6”-59’.


  • We have been manufacturing machinery for over 65 years,
  • We have one of the longest records of execution and performance of internationalization programs with successful Joint Ventures and technology transfers with premier brands from all around the world
  • XCMG thru its subsidiary in the United States of America “Intensus” has been successfully operating in North America for over 25 years
  • We are the 4th largest manufacturer of heavy construction equipment in the world.
  • 30% of our production is exported worldwide.
  • We have a comprehensive spare parts depot to support our growth, along with a world class inventory control and logistics in North America

XCMG - Intensus World Class World Presence

Twice Awarded

Twice Awarded

Intensus has been recognized twice by the widely regarded American business magazine INC., as one of the 500 fastest growing companies . In the USA there are approximately 24.6 million privately held companies.

This is a notable national recognition to the business model implemented by XCMG-Intensus. The company has also been awarded other prices for its activities in the international arena over the years.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts

We are premier Original Equipment Manufacturers suppliers of XCMG Intensus spare parts. Our extensive data base allow Reliable, Accurate and Timely shipments Worldwide from our own stock, and directly from factory stock.

We are unmatched both in reliability and experience delivering parts to any place in the world where there is a XCMG or Intensus machine operating.

25+ Years of Experience

25+ Years of Experience

We are the first American company to distribute XCMG's earthmoving and road building machinery. Intensus has participated in every phase of the program development, from Technology transfers and Joint Ventures to Investments; and from Product Design to Distribution.

Extensive know-how of over 25 years in Chinese construction industry. We are not a dealer, we are the manufacturer's operation in the Americas.

The best return for your investment